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Welcome to Hein+Fricke, where innovation meets excellence. We are a dynamic team of passionate professionals dedicated to driving technological advancement and delivering exceptional solutions. With a proven track record in IT Infrastructure Management and Software Development, we take pride in our ability to bring transformative ideas to life. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with our deep expertise, allows us to craft tailored solutions that meet your unique business needs. At Hein+Fricke, we don't just embrace technology – we shape it. Join us on this journey of innovation and let's create a future where possibilities are limitless.

Our Team

Our diverse team of dedicated professionals is driven by a shared passion for innovation and client success. With a harmonious blend of skills and creativity, we work collaboratively to transform challenges into opportunities, ensuring your journey with us is nothing short of exceptional.
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Our Mindset

“If you want to work in a company whose services you are proud of, you have to start your own!” This is what lay the founding stone for Hein+Fricke. Started by two colleagues from a programming background, who were unhappy with the way IT services were rendered in other organizations, Hein+Fricke finds its excellence in sheer hard work, dedication, and loyalty - to its clients and partners! The basic idea behind Hein+Fricke’s establishment was to enhance the output of IT services through an increased and focused skillset, with reduced overhead costs. Our clients are our top-most priority and hence, we are a fully independent firm that can take its own decisions without having to worry about anything - the only thing on our minds is WHAT YOU NEED!


At H+F, we are particular not only about the kind of work we do but also about what kind of environment we do it in! We are driven by a compelling sense of delivering excellence to our clients while being true to our basic beliefs of integrity, equality, and reliability.

Every one of our team members swears by honesty and transparency - we make no promises that we cannot fulfill! Be it towards our clients or our employees, H+F maintains the integrity of the highest order, where we are transparent about what we are bringing to the table. Our dealings are always direct, clear, and never misleading.

Our pillars of success include:

  • Reliability - You can rely on us for getting the highest quality of services, delivered in promised time.
  • Equality - Our work environment fosters equality - where we treat one and all in the best of their interests.
  • Global acceptance - We ensure a working environment and style that serves well with people from different geographical and political arenas.

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