Managed Backup Services

Ensuring secure offsite data storage on leading cloud platforms for uninterrupted business operations.

At Hein+Fricke, we offer Managed Backup Services that cater to your data protection needs, guaranteeing seamless access to critical information and ensuring swift recovery during unforeseen incidents. Our expert system engineers specialize in offsite virtual data storage, providing robust solutions to safeguard your valuable corporate data.

With our comprehensive consulting services, we tailor your Managed Backup Strategy to align with your organization's unique requirements. As a trusted Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), we leverage leading cloud platforms like Azure and AWS, ensuring your data is securely stored and easily accessible whenever you need it.

Cloud backup has become increasingly popular due to its cost-effectiveness and efficiency in urgent data retrieval. Rest assured that with our Managed Backup Services, your data is safeguarded and readily available when it matters the most.

Global Reach
We extend Managed Backup Services to our global clientele, offering reliable data protection across borders.
Cost-Efficient Strategies
Our Managed Backup Services save costs with strategic storage and deduplication features without compromising data security.
Optimized Performance
We prioritize efficient data recovery, allowing you to restore earlier versions and recover lost or corrupted files swiftly.
Compliance Assurance
Stay compliant with data retention requirements by leveraging our Managed Backup Services for long-term data storage.

Hein+Fricke designed a customized network for our needs which helped us manage it effectively. Their knowledge and experience in networking was invaluable to us. We would highly recommend them to anyone needing assistance with their network.

Oliver Osborne

I have worked with Hein+Fricke on multiple occasions and have always been extremely pleased with their work. They have a great understanding of the requirements and always deliver software that performs well in real life. Additionally, they are always willing to enhance the functionalities to make the software even better.

Abraham Arne

They built a network plan that integrated more than 15 different enterprise systems with zero downtime. The project was a success because of their careful planning and execution.

Maxi Gunther

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Are you seeking a reliable and secure Managed Backup Solution for your critical data? Do you want to ensure swift recovery and uninterrupted access to your data in times of crisis?

Partner with us and benefit from our deep expertise and years of experience in cloud backup management. Let us provide the solution that meets your specific backup needs and grants you peace of mind. Contact us today for more information about our Managed Backup Services.

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