Ensuring Your IT Foundation Is Strong

We are experts at IT Infrastructure Management and Software Development

In today's dynamic business landscape, a robust IT infrastructure and efficient software solutions are critical for sustained growth. Our IT Infrastructure Management expertise ensures seamless operations, proactive monitoring, and secure systems. Coupled with our Software Development prowess, we create tailored applications that optimize your processes and enhance user experiences. From network reliability to innovative software solutions, we empower your business for success.

About Our Company

We are a dependable service provider for all who want to profit from highly qualified network professionals and software development teams.

Founded in 2006 in Hamburg, HEIN + FRICKE GmbH is also represented by a development center in Pune, India. We have created a unique structure that is lean enough to work efficiently but networked enough to handle large-scale projects with a tight schedule.

Our Office

Our Approach

IT systems need to be robust and resilient. We design your infrastructure with all fail-safe mechanisms. We use the best hardware, technologies, approaches, and practices to have a system that is always running and running smoothly.

Software development requires knowledge, creativity, discipline, and control, depending on the task and project phase, in different weightings. Hence, we start afresh with every new project that we handle.

Global + Local Operations

We understand the importance of understanding the customer needs and we believe one can’t know them better without frequent meetings and discussions.

Our unique structure of the organization allows you to talk to us in your local language and yet get the benefits of the best development minds available globally.

We capture the nuanced requirements of your business helping us build a highly adaptive software solution.

Our global + local development approach offers some unique benefits to you.

  • Granular requirement capturing
  • Comfort of local language and culture
  • Affordable development projects
  • Faster development with abundant multi-skilled talent

Let’s work together

Ready to elevate your business with cutting-edge IT solutions and expert software development? Let's collaborate and transform your vision into reality. Contact us today to explore how we can empower your growth and innovation journey.

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